Live answering services are not really that uncommon these days especially that we are already in the age of the Internet. However, to offer live chat or telephone answering services to small businesses is a different game.

Meanwhile, there’s a rapid change in the transportation sector. Historically, we would not have imagined that there will come a time when we can hail a cab using our smartphones. People from that era may even ask us what a smartphone is.

So what are we driving at here? We are saying that both live answering services and taxi-booking companies are a thing now because of the emergence of the Internet. Developing at breakneck speeds, companies are scrambling just to keep up and stay ahead.

In this post, we will quickly examine what a live answering service does, what a transport company is, and what benefits can the former offer to the latter.

What does a live answering service do?

By definition, it is where a business firm employs a telephone answering service that processes inbound calls. Based on customer instructions, the answering service provider will take the messages and deliver them accordingly. The focus is that real humans are the ones who process these calls.

Aside from processing calls, these companies can:


Relay urgent calls to fellow personnel.

Screen calls in order to filter out non-urgent and sometimes unnecessary calls.

Provide an offsite “front office staff” which is more affordable than your client company to hire their own on-site personnel.

Handles occasional excess traffic.

When choosing a live answering service company, you must determine which firms can offer consistent high-quality service.

Other criteria that you must consider in the company are:

The company must have a long-term, career-oriented team and each staff receives remuneration in accordance with his or her performance.

It must be fully equipped with the latest technology in telephony.

Finally, it must have precise and consistent operating systems, practices, and procedures — accurate and thorough documentation, precise and meticulous process monitoring, intensive staff training based on scrupulous assessment metrics, and independent customer service teams and quality assurance departments.

What is a transport company?

By definition, the transport sector is “a category of companies that provide services moving people, goods, or the infrastructure.”

The sector encompasses several other industries, such as freight and logistics, airlines, road and rail, marine, and even infrastructure. If we are going to break these down further, we will have railroads, trucking, airport services, highways and rail tracks, marine ports and services, etc.

And let us not forget the means of conveniently moving people from their point of origin to their point of desired destination — the taxi industry.

Imagine, if there’s a way where taxi operators can directly receive our complaints. How would it be like if a live chat answering service is integrated into the taxi booking service system? This is surely a good idea to improve the transport industry.

Benefits of a taxi booking service

Let us quickly discuss the benefits that the taxi booking service — and the transport industry as a whole — will reap when they integrate the live answering services in their processes.

We mentioned that companies that offer telephone answering services can:

Process and screen calls,

Relay urgent calls to appropriate personnel.

AlphaCore advantage leverages the data from the calls to continuous improvement in customer service. Aside from our revenue growth model, taxi booking companies can have a higher level of customer confidence and loyalty, enhance the company brand and company image, and a collection of customer feedback.

Our live chat or the telephone answering service partner receive the calls from customers in real time. They are the ones who collect the data and analyze them. After careful analysis we discuss the findings with our taxi-booking partner.

This is important, because the client can have insights that can be beneficial to their company’s growth. Our proactive response in complaint resolution is handled effectively by our live answering experts, It is certain that your customers will seek your services again, demand for your service will increase, thus improving revenue over time.

Live answering service provider

As a taxi operator, you can look into this option of partnering with our call center operations.  We also hose various other BPO options for our valued clients to consider.  We provide premium customer service to our clients,


Contact AlphaCore today for details.

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