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Do not let your website fall apart.

You can’t close business when your site is down.

Your website needs to be updated and maintained for optimal performance, as is the case with other technologies. The frameworks and technologies used to build websites change over time with the addition of new features, bugs are fixed, and security exploits are patched. Many websites go unmaintained for years at a time, leading to a reduced performance, 404 errors, or other errors damaging core functionality. We identify issues related to performance, compatibility, and outdated plugins and information sources, we remain committed to optimizing your website for the current state of the web.

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Three perspectives: navigational, functionality, and dynamic content are the main focus of our team when performing a deep analysis of each page that we create for you. We utilize automated testing tools, perform manual code performance reviews, and check for common issues that damage websites that have been left unattended.


Our experts fix and maintain your website.

We keep your website at peak performance to ensure operational.

Error Analysis

Our team catalogs the errors found on your website and builds a plan to approach and resolve each of the errors for optimal performance.

Technical Support

We create a connection between your team and our staff to resolve the issues your team or your clients face with your website as they occur.

Fix Broken Links

Our automated system checks for broken links on your website or outdated references to ensure continued performance and accuracy.

Update Outdated Code

A thorough analysis of your website’s unique code is performed to update functions that use depreciated or inefficient features.

Media Optimization

An analysis is performed on all of the media on the website to determine how to further optimize it and to reduce bandwidth usage and loading times.

Catered Maintenance

We tailor our website maintenance packages based on the size of your website and prioritize resolving key features and functionality.


We offer dedicated support staff.

Our experts work quickly to resolve your issues.

Our team can ensure that the right person is notified of the challenges your website is facing to quickly resolve them, we provide a portal for your team to access to report issues. We maintain a log of all of the issues resolved and how they were addressed to help your team understand how their website is changing and improving. We conduct audits to ensure that changes we make continue to create a positively affect on your website performance and its overall usability, and implement 24/7 emergency monitoring for critical failure.




Many online resources or information sources become outdated or discontinued due to the evolving and emerging internet trends. We perform a scheduled analysis of the pages of your website. When a link breaks, we take action to either restore the information or find a new information source for its replacement.


Your media optimized for fast loading.

Close 86% more business with a fast website.

It can be frustrating for both your users and your own team to experience long loading time. We perform an in-depth media optimization assessment to determine which images, documents, videos, and sources for dynamic content need to be properly optimized. We then reduce their file size and unnecessary resource usage to optimize site loading times. This ensures that your website loads faster and reduces the frustration for your average user. Having a faster loading website also has many benefits, for instance increased organic performance in the search results on major search engines.


Helped our business flourish.

“AlphaCore helped us build a brand online and position ourselves into a competitive industry. We have built a name for ourselves in Canadian region, but AlphaCore really helped us globalizing our presence online. Thanks to the success of our marketing and outreach campaigns, we can continue to expand our operations and continue to onboard businesses on our unique marketplace and platform., making a positive impact on the daily lives of the people and businesses.”

Michelle Yusep, Global Marketplace

Hire our maintenance experts for peace of mind.